Success!!! Laptop Ballistic-Shield Designed for Saving K-12 Student Lives Stops .44 Magnum Hi! I am John Wright of Safety Networks of Seattle Washington and inventor of the laptop ballistic shield. I specifically designed this product as a cost-effective light-weight last-resort bulletproof solution for K-12 students that is always at their fingertips. The test you are about to see is a .44 Magnum handgun fired 16 feet from target. The material that I use for my shield is called MITGel, the world’s safety ballistic armor system developed by Moor Innovative Technologies in Tacoma, Washington. We are aggressively pushing this product to market as quickly as possible in order to save lives. There are expensive bulletproof backpacks on the market that most students cannot afford. In an active shooter situation a child does not always have their backpack with them to use as a shield. We need to do something NOW and not just talk about it. Because tomorrow it could be your child that walks into the line of fire. Please feel free to share any thoughts you may have in the comments section. Camouflage panel holds ballistic material that is lighter and stronger than Kevlar. Blue panel is MITgel that prevents 95% of kinetic-energy transfer from armor to body. It also dissipates heat, is self healing, and acts as a flotation device. Truly a remarkable system. This video proves definitively why Tim Moore of calls his product, "Armor of God". Check out his videos at

"Tacoma company’s body armor allegedly 10 times better than Kevlar"

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