Timothy Patrick  Moore

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Tim is the founder and president of Moor Innovative Technologies.

A technology broker, who has both the skill to develop products from various materials and the leadership to build a team towards the manufacture, promotion and utilization of safety products using gel technology.

With 18- year hands- on- study related to gels and polymers. He developed products which includes protective knee pads and elbow pads, helmet liners and body armor.  The body armor products are undergoing a US patent process as well as 24 months of field trials.

Dr. Mark Brewster

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 Dr. Mark Brewster is Moor Innovative Technologies (MIT), co-founder and Vice President. An astute businessman, he provides the required resources for MIT to undertake activities such as prototype development of bullet proof vests, testing, purchase of raw materials, administrative and legal requirements of the business. In addition, he gives significant inputs in the direction and plans of MIT, particularly those that relate to health and medical applications of MITgel.

  For over 36 years, Dr. Brewster successfully lead, managed and operated Pacific Veterinary Clinic in Tacoma, WA until he retired in October 2017.  He finished a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University, WA.

   Dr. Brewster is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Marie Beth Moore

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Marie Beth Moore writes and monitors projects for Moor Innovative Technologies. She strengthens the understanding of the company’s products through written product briefs and white papers. She likewise, facilitates the process review and documentation for the company. She provides inputs for due diligence processes and compliance monitoring of MIT to USA government and international laws.

Her expertise covers the following: social policy and program development, monitoring and evaluation with emphasis on social acceptability, social impacts; institutional development plans, review and assessment; project management and facilitation; and technical research and report writing. She brings to the company over 15 years of experience as a social safeguards and compliance monitoring with various global consulting firms and international funding agencies.

Tausha Prince

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Tausha Prince is Moor Innovative Technologies’ Communication Specialist. She leads and  manages the plans, processes and strategies of both internal and external communications of the company.

She brings to MIT, 16 plus years of International education, human resources, and humanitarian relief efforts experience. She exemplified herself as the ambassador to sensitive Foreign Dignitaries, Embassy VIPs and Community Leaders throughout Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, she was hand-picked to oversee the project management responsibilities for the state of the art construction of the most prestigious international academy in the capitol of Bulgaria. Her 10 years of executive leadership experience and key oversight ensured a flawless execution of the facility.

Lloyd Nelson

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He leads MIT's product prototype development and quality control. Lloyd is also co-inventor of the MITgel bullet proof vest and provides substantial input for sound and viable management and production strategies.

His strengths include a proven success in executing project management strategies and identifying information as well as solutions to technology issues. He possesses over 15 years of combined experience in electronics ,sound, and quality assurance with the world's number one aircraft manufacturer.

Ron Cady

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Spearheaded and wrote MITgel bullet proof vest production process. He brings to MIT a 40- year work experience from leading truck manufacturing company in the USA. As a material expeditor, he was involved with managing inventory levels (of over 5,000-part numbers in a database of over 30,000 part numbers) at truck assembly line locations.  Moreover, his strength, among others, is in project planning and management which include collaborating with design engineering, supplier quality, engineering change control, sales and marketing.