• U.S.Navy Fleet Force Protection teams
  • Naval Special Warfare Units, including SPecial Boat &Seal Delivery
  • Naval Harbor Defense Units
  • U.S.Coast Guard law enforcement teams and port security units

MARK V can be custom fitted
for specific desired lifts.

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  • Neutrally buoyant to 18.5 ibs. lift where concealment is imperative and uppermost in the Operators mind.
  • Over 34 lbs. lift for boarding parties, SSGN deck crews, harbor patrols and USCG needs,
  • Capable of providing over 35 lbs, of lift to individuals up to 255 lbs.

  • lightweight (8 lbs.)
  • positively buoyant, fully functional, ballistic-flotation Armor
  • controls thermal load on the operator by maintaining core body temperature at 98.6 degrees even when the outside temperature is over 130 degrees or below -40 degrees.


Materials & Design System

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  • Utilizes the most advanced multi-strike case hardened UHMPWE ballistic plates for their Durability and ballistic properties;
  • Level 111 with Multi-strike capability against Ball 5.56 and 76.62X51 M61 and M80 Ball[
  • 4D Wrap Technology is anti bacterial and anti-microbial[
  • Latest water resistant and Teflon coated vest carriers for long wear and ease of maintenance;
  • Vest covers are 1000 denier ballistic cloth and seam taped.